Are CNN's Fake Qatari News Stories Blurring the Lines?

How much money is Qatar pumping into CNN


The Qatari tyranny isn't just satisfied with running Al Jazeera as its international state propaganda network. It's also pushing a string of advertisements disguised as news stories on the CNN website.

And with CNN already facing criticism of conflicts of interest, the resemblance of the Qatari ads to CNN news stories doesn't help.

While CNN does label the Qatari content as an "advertisement feature" both in the URL and a bar, the design language and content of the Qatari material makes it appear to be CNN news stories.

The Qatari news stories cover the entire page. They use news story design language and the whole thing appears under a CNN banner.

CNN adds a disclaimer at the bottom "*This special advertising page is not a part of CNN editorial content", but it's doubtful that anyone is going to notice.

Furthermore the content comes up under CNN in search engines giving it an added layer of credibility.

Advertising like this does not come cheap and Qatar appears to have been putting quite a bit of money into CNN. Aside from this Qatar Airways sponsored special CNN coverage on flight. (Qatar Airways is state owned by the Qatari tyrant.)

Furthermore CNN continues broadcasting content from Soledad O'Brien, an Al Jazeera employee.

The question is how much money is Qatar pumping into CNN and what impact is it having on the news network's journalism?

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