Islamist Militias Lash Syrian Man for Cursing Electricity

“Electricity doesn’t have a religion.”

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And they say Islamists are backward types. Look at how they're embracing the worship of electricity.

Islamist militiamen in Syria’s Hama province have publicly lashed a man for committing blasphemy when he cursed the electricity situation, pro-opposition websites said Tuesday.

The accused, identified as Mutasim Dahrouj, was removing illegal connections to the electricity grid in the town of Latamneh, Hama, when he uttered a standard curse, which translates literally as “may the religion of electricity be damned” (yilaan din al-kahraba).

The court ordered that he receive 80 lashes, have his head shaved and be imprisoned for three days.

A video on YouTube purports to show the man being punished, and displays copies of the Shariah court paperwork connected to the case. A commentator on YouTube objected to the punishment, noting that “electricity doesn’t have a religion.”

Apparently Islam has decided it's the religion of electricity. Just wait till it decides it's the religion of the internal combustion engine. If you curse while trying to start your car, it's blasphemy against Islam.


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