An ISIS Flag Flies in New Jersey

The front line is everywhere


Marc Leibowitz, a former Israeli paratrooper spotted this one and posted it on Twitter. The enemy is right here. And despite the denials, the conflict will continue to expand far beyond Iraq.

The Turkish flag appears to be flying next to it suggesting that we're looking at a Turkish Muslim settler in New Jersey. Turkey's tyrant Erdogan who supports terrorists is even more popular with many Turkish settlers in Germany and abroad and they tend to be more supportive of terrorists than the general Turkish population.

Strangely enough on Google Maps, the house is flying an American flag.


But it seems as if the house or parts of it are being rented out. The flag of the United States is gone now and has been replaced by the flags of the enemy.

Before too long though follow ups by reporters, Tweeters and even law enforcement led to the ISIS flag being replaced by an NFL flag.

@glennbeck @Marc_Leibowitz flag was apparently taken down and replaced with this, similar to but not Greece's flag

— Joe Kenyon IV (@kenyoniv) August 13, 2014

@salpiarulli @Marc_Leibowitz I am a reporter with @FiOS1NewsNJ. I am at the home. It is a different flag now.

— Leigh Scheps (@LeighTVReporter) August 13, 2014