The Only Justice for Michael Brown is Burning and Looting Stores

But it's the police who are the real villains...

I've seen some conservative blogs questioning why the police are so heavily armed during the Ferguson protests. Here's a picture that speaks louder than a thousand word essay.

This is why you end up with police who are more heavily armed than soldiers in Iraq. Because there are parts of the country that are like Iraq.

Looters in Ferguson set fire to a QuikTrip. (Photo: KMOX/Michael Calhoun) Looters in Ferguson set fire to a QuikTrip. (Photo: KMOX/Michael Calhoun)

I blame the police. It couldn't have been the grief stricken mob at the looting/vigil that did this.

Police Shooting Missouri

Nothing can assuage the cries for justice except stealing some stuff from a QuikTrip because... justice.




A Post-Dispatch photographer on the scene moments earlier saw broken glass and people rushing into the store, with someone yelling, "Everything's free at the QuikTrip!"

Some people were seen making off with lottery tickets and breaking into the cash drawer at the QuikTrip.

A Post-Dispatch reporter in that area was slugged from behind and helped away by police officers. He was not seriously hurt.

Let's remember that we should be outraged at the police and not the oppressed mob beating up reporters, torching stores and stealing stuff. It's the people protecting you from the likes of these mobs that are the real villains.

CNN's Don Lemon is really understanding of this sort of thing.

LEMON: Can I say one more thing before we go? When we’re talking about the rioting, yeah, it's terrible about the rioting. I agree with LZ, I hate when people riot and loot and it happened in Katrina. But when people are put in dire situations, you don't know how they are going to react. I’m not saying it’s right, I personally urge people to be peaceful and calm. I'm not saying I agree with him, but I understand.

The people robbing stores are not in a dire situation. It's the store owners who are in a dire situation. It's the people who are afraid of being murdered by a politically sanctioned mob, caught between street brutality and Eric Holder and CNN who are in a dire situation.

But there are solutions...

Gun sales have spiked at several metro area gun stores in the wake of rioting and looting in Ferguson and disturbances at a few stores in other locations.

Mid America Arms in South County reported that firearm sales were up by about 50 percent on Tuesday.

Customers are loading up on semi-automatic handguns and shotguns, said Al Rothweiler, one of the owners.

More women than usual were shopping for guns on Tuesday, the first day the store was open this week, he said.

Holder is wrong. America is not a nation of cowards.