New Jersey Muslim Flying ISIS Flag Says He is a Patriotic American

His Facebook page shows that he "liked" Bilal Philips, named a conspirator in the WTC bombing.


The media predictably falls for it. I'm not even going to link to the Jessica Remo piece at which is the same "It's all Islamophobia" spin that we've been hearing since September 11.

A New Jersey man has raised a flag that is causing concern among his neighbors.

The man recently hung what some neighbors called an ISIS flag outside his home in Garwood. When a picture was posted onto Twitter, neighbors on Winslow Place called the police.

The flag, which is used by an Islamic extremist group responsible for violence in Iraq, has since been removed from display. Even so, neighbors still wonder why the flag was there to begin with.

The man told that he has flown the flag outside his home during Ramadan and on Fridays for about 10 years.

“I understand now that people turn on CNN and see the flag associated with jihad, but that’s not the intention of that flag at all,” he told the website. The man explained that the writing on the flag reads, “There is only one god, Allah, and the prophet Muhammad is his messenger.”

“It’s not meant to be a symbol of hate. Islam is all about unity and peace. I am not a part of any group like that, and I’m not anti-American. I love my country, but I am a Muslim,” he said.

But of course that's the message of the Jihad.

Mark Dunaway, the Muslim in question, is flying a flag that does contain the Shahada under the seal of Mohammed. It's the flag used by ISIS along with a few other Jihadist groups.

There are a variety of "black flags" of Jihad. The black flag is a war flag. The specific choice of war flag indicates identification.

If he's been flying it for ten years, that would be around the time that ISIS as Al Qaeda in Iraq became prominent during the Iraq War. Though it wasn't using that flag at the time. Before that the flag was flown by Al-Shabab in Somalia.

The question is does Mark Dunaway, who appears to be a convert to Islam, know what the flag means?

A Facebook page that appears to be his shows that he "liked" Zaid Shakir and Bilal Philips. Both are vile bigots and terrorism supporters. Philips was also named an unindicted conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing.

mark dunaway

He also likes Khalid Yassin who called for killing gays and the Wahhabist Abubakar Gumi. Also liked was Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari and the Islamic Emirate.

These are the sorts of figures you might like if you're a convert with Islamist sympathies.

It's hard not to suspect that Dunaway knows exactly what freak flag he's flying.

Meanwhile the news reports don't actually bother exploring what the flag means. They simply take his word for it.