Internet Security Expert Trolls Hamas Supporters w/Hamas Cyber Army

The most popular American target for Hamas supporters was the US Air Force


Ihazcandy (Twitter user name) decided to perform a little experiment by setting up Hamas Cyber Army to see who would be willing to launch DDOS attacks aimed at Israeli and American targets.

The attacks didn't actually take place, but the IP addresses of those attempting to launch them were recorded by Ihazcandy.

The most popular American targets for Hamas supporters were the US Air Force followed by the United States Army followed by the Pentagon. (What happened to the Navy?)

The most popular Israeli targets were the Israeli Air Force followed by the Defense Ministry. Not that many Hamas supporters wanted to attack COGAT proving that they actually know very little about what is going on in the conflict aside from memes and gifs.

Ihazcandy has since moved on to trolling Anonymous with a similar OpFerguson website aimed at those looking to harass Ferguson police and the Air Force and Marines.