Biden Goes on 3rd Vacation This Month... No One Notices

He's just a working class joe who takes three vacations a month. Like the rest of us.


Is Joe Biden technically ever not on vacation? His administration duties consist of visiting places Obama doesn't want to go. Occasionally he's dragged out to deliver a speech attacking Republicans over green jobs or birth control. Or green birth control.

And then he goes back on vacation.

The Bidens are arriving today in the Hamptons to start their third vacation in a month.

“Vice President Joe Biden is arriving to spend a week in the Southampton area before leaving next Tuesday,” News12 reports. “Biden lands in Westhampton this morning. It’s not known if he’ll meet up with two other big Democrats staying in the Hamptons this week. Hillary and Bill Clinton are already in Amagansett.”

Last week the Bidens were in Wyoming for another vacation. “It’s summer vacation time for the vice president,” USA Today reported on August 7.

“Joe Biden and wife Jill began some time off Thursday in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, his office said, and will be there through Monday.”

The week before that one, the Bidens vacationed in Rehoboth Beach.

Not bad for a man with no savings account.

“Don’t hold it against me that I don’t own a single stock or bond,” Biden said. “I have no savings account but I got a great pension and I got a good salary. For real.”

But Biden’s financial disclosure for the year 2013, which was filed last month, shows that he has both a savings account and 11 different investment funds.

Poor Joe. He's just a working class joe. Who takes three vacations a month. Like the rest of us.


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