South African Labor Leader Calls for Murder of Jews Over Gaza

"Comrade Tony Ehrenreich is the most loved, most popular and generally acceptable amongst all racial divides"


It's anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitism. Sure it is.


"Anthony John Ehrenreich is a veteran trade unionist and a man with a heart that consistently pumps for the emancipation of the down trodden and working class people of South Africa," he writes.

While you try to wrap your head around that mental image, you can take in the logo of the South African Communist Party scrolling at the bottom of his website.

But if it's good enough for Comrade Nelson, it's good enough for Comrade Tony.

"One thing has come out strong over the past five years is that Comrade Tony Ehrenreich is the most loved, most popular and generally acceptable amongst all racial divides than any other candidate for the Mayoral seat of Cape Town," Comrade Tony says of himself.

"Comrade has agreed to serve the people of Cape Town on the mandate of the workers organization – COSATU and under the banner of the of the African National Congress (ANC), the organization that brought respect, dignity, peace and hope to all the races of South Africa."

But despite Comrade Tony's commitment to bringing peace to all the races and how much all the races love him, the Comrade really hates Jews.

Tony Ehrenreich, a trade union official and the 2011 Cape Town mayoral candidate for the African National Congress party, condemned the “killings and maimings that have been taking place in Gaza.”

Ehrenreich wrote that South Africa’s Jewish Board of Deputies, the national Jewish communal organization, should suffer for its support of Israel.

“This makes the Jewish Board of Deputies complicit in the murder of the people in Gaza,” Ehrenreich wrote. “The time has come to say very clearly that if a woman or child is killed in Gaza, then the Jewish board of deputies, who are complicit, will feel the wrath of the People of SA with the age old biblical teaching of an eye for an eye.”

The only time a Communist turns to the bible, it's to promote the mass murder of Jews.

Jewish organizations in South Africa have not been too happy with Comrade Tony's beloved call for killing Jews. Comrade Tony has taken to the running dog Twitter to defend himself against charges of bigotry and illiteracy.

"I am not anti simetic or calling for violence against jews. I do say stop being polite in responding to Isreali war crimes," Comrade Tony said.

Other deep thoughts on Comrade Tony's Twitter include,

Hey racist whitey. If u hav a 100 x more tweets than followers. Then i ignore ur ramblings to me, because even ur Mom thinks u r irrelevant

Sum dont condemn white black racism vocaly ,as they promote african coloured racism. Their agenda is white coloured solidarity for pol ends

The coloured politicians who are now raising the voices of condemnation must remember their own history .

Coloured in South Africa refers to people of mixed race.

So yes, Comrade Tony Ehrenreich loves all the races. Except those he hates, which is most of them. And he really hates the Jews.