PLO Claims it Kidnapped Israeli Soldier, Israeli Soldier Denies He was Kidnapped

Snitman told people on Facebook that he was still alive


Hamas and the PLO are obsessed with kidnapping an Israeli soldier. So far they've gotten body parts of dead Israeli soldiers, which they've tried to unconvincingly pass as off as soldiers.

Now in a new low they claimed to have kidnapped an Israeli soldier after getting one of his boots.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades came out with a video where they claim to have abducted an Israeli soldier named Yaron Snitman

The claim didn't go too far since Snitman told people on Facebook that he was still alive and had lost his shoe plate in Gaza.


The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, aka Fatah, aka the PLO, however was certain that they had killed him. Or killed someone anyway.

In a message addressed to the Israeli people in Hebrew, an anonymous spokesman for the al-Aqsa Brigades said that the group "challenges Israel to reveal the fate of their engineering officer Sani Tomen Yaron, holder of military number 7599999."

The spokesman said that Yaron, whose name could also be "Yaron Snitman," had "fallen" in unspecified clashes after an ambush by al-Aqsa fighters in Beit Hanoun, but did not give details as to whether he had been captured or killed.

Yaron Snitman, Sani Tomen Yaron, Yeoman Saratoga, it's all good. As long as he was a Jew.

The nameplate clearly says Yaron Snitman, but apparently PLO terrorists don't know how to read.

These murderous clowns aren't Hamas. According to Obama, they're Israel's moderate peace partners. And they're taxpayer funded.