ISIS Separated "Young and Pretty" Yazidi Women

The real War on Women has always been Mohammed's thousand year Rape Jihad.

The real War on Women has always been Mohammed's thousand year Rape Jihad.

As the militants with the al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic State surged into the area from surrounding Arab villages two weeks ago, snaring those who had not managed to flee, they showed a marked interest in detaining women, notably the youngest and prettiest, according to witnesses, relatives and in some instances the women themselves.

Women were separated from men, then younger women were separated from older ones and most were shunted off in buses or trucks.

The Sinjar Crisis Group, formed by Yazidi activists in Washington, has compiled a list of 1,074 names of female captives reported by their relatives to be in the custody of the Islamic State.

Once at the school, the eyewitness said, the youngest women again were parted from older ones and driven away, along with a dozen or so boys between ages 10 and 12 who had apparently been detained with their mothers.

Why were the boys detained? It's an open question, but the UN recently condemned ISIS for raping teenage boys.

The Washington Post story tries to put ISIS in the best light and denies that any rapes have taken place.

The women “are considered apostate, and it is haram [forbidden] for Muslims to marry a non-Muslim,” said Hoshyar Zebari, a senior Kurdish leader who until recently served as Iraq’s foreign minister. He puts the number of women detained at more than 1,000.

That's not really true. And it's certainly true that non-Muslim women can be taken as slaves and raped. Mohammed did it frequently.

Conversion by force is how Islam expanded. Kill the men. Threaten to kill the women unless they convert. ISIS is showing us how Islam began.