Hedy Epstein, Fake Holocaust Survivor, Gets Desperate for Attention, Goes to Ferguson

Next week Hedy Epstein will be claiming that she's a black man.


Making a career for yourself as a fake Holocaust survivor is horrible enough. Marketing yourself as a fake Holocaust survivor who attacks Jews is even worse. But that's what Hedy Epstein, a "Holocaust Survivor" who survived the Holocaust in the UK, has been doing.

But then Michael Brown stole the spotlight from Hedy Epstein's latest Gaza tantrum, so she headed to Ferguson to get herself arrested.

Once in Ferguson, Hedy Epstein succeeded in getting herself arrested accomplishing her purpose of extending her fifteen minutes a little longer. Hedy Epstein getting herself arrested has nothing to do with Michael Brown or Ferguson. It's all about her.

The news stories are once again calling Hedy Epstein a Holocaust survivor even though she's as much of a survivor as the entire Jewish population of the UK, which is where she was during the Holocaust.

As someone whose father was an actual child survivor of the Holocaust living in Nazi occupied Poland, I would view Hedy Epstein's fake Holocaust survivor self-promotion as repugnant even if she didn't dedicate all her time and energy to helping finish what the Nazis started.

It's bad enough that Hedy Epstein is hijacking the identity of Holocaust survivors and now she's pathologically desperate enough for attention to take her roadshow to Missouri.

Next week Hedy Epstein will be claiming that she's a black man.

The anti-Israel crowd, like Max Blumenthal and Robert Mackey, have been desperately trying to link Israel to Ferguson. Islamic Supremacists and their collaborators are obsessed with hijacking other people's causes and identities.

That's something that they have in common with fake Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein.


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