Female Muslim Convert from UK Wants to be First ISIS Woman to Kill an American

“She was really young when she converted."


Muslim converts are also usually idiots with very little clue about what Islam is. Dare still hasn't gotten it through her veiled head that having women be the "first" anything is not an Islamic value.

A 22-year-old woman from Lewisham, south-east London, wants to become the first female jihadist to behead a British or US citizen.

Khadijah Dare, who goes under the name Muhajirah fi Sham (‘Immigrant in Syria’) on her Twitter page, tweeted her ambition to become an executioner for the IS cause the day after video emerged of the killing of US journalist James Foley.

Dare posted: ‘Any links 4 da execution of da journalist plz. Allahu Akbar. UK must b shaking up haha. I wna b da 1st UK woman 2 kill a UK or US terorrist!’

It is believed Dare converted to Islam as a teenager and moved to Syria at some point in 2012. She posts regularly on Twitter, and her page features a picture of her toddler son holding an AK-47.

She became a regular at the Lewisham Islamic Centre, a run down brick building attended by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, the barbaric pair who ran down and attempted to behead Drummer Rigby as he made his way back to his barracks in Woolwich.

In between posts praising Islamic terrorists and asking for advice on how best to teach her young son the Koran, Dare has posted pictures of the heads of beheaded men on railings, believed to be the murderous deeds of Isis militants.

Dare is believed to have married a Turkish man she met in Sweden.

Dare's story follows a predictable enough pattern and descent into Islamic evil.

From the beginning, Dare showed a conviction for her new faith. “She was really young when she converted,” the acquaintance told the Standard, estimating that she is now 22.

The local Muslim offers a fascinating insight into the pressures and judgments that might have been involved.

“When people come to the religion, they [senior people in the Muslim community] embrace you in the beginning. And because of your change of lifestyle, you kind of segregate yourself and end up cutting yourself off from your family.

“But as time progresses you begin to see the flaws in the community. And then when the community fails you — the men in the community, that is — like when they want a divorce, it leads women to think maybe the men of this country are quite weak, and maybe the real men are abroad."

Real men, of the kind Dare likes, behead helpless prisoners. It's the Islamic way.