Hamas Arrests 150 of its Own Terrorists for Spying for Israel

Hamas is in a state of confusion after the martyrdom of its leaders

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After Israel took out 3 senior Hamas commanders, the circular firing squad has begun. Though, as seen above, Hamas doesn't really do firing squads. It prefers hangings, motorcycle draggings and building roof tossing.

Informed sources from the Gaza Strip say that the Izz al-Din al-Qassam, the military wing of the Hamas movement, is waging a campaign of arrests in the ranks of the sons of the movement involving more than 150 members for interrogation about security leaks.

The sources said that "Hamas" in a state of internal confusion after the martyrdom of its leaders three Mohammed Abu Shamala, and Raed Al-Attar, Mohammad Barhoum, at dawn on Thursday,

The sources indicated that the three leaders of Hamas who were killed at dawn on Thursday in Rafah, were killed while meeting in a secret underground tunnel at a depth of 30 meters.

Martyrdom can be confusing. The source of the intel is rather obvious. At least to Hamas, considering its behavior, though since I haven't seen anyone clarify, I'll refrain from stating it out loud. Suffice it to say that Hamas finds itself caught in a trap of its own making. It can either break with Qatar or its ties to Qatar will break it. It faces a choice between going full ISIS, in which case it will be broken militarily, or breaking with Qatar.

Instead it's predictably engaging in theatrics about "collaborators", executing a bunch of people and claiming that others have turned themselves in. The whole thing is a vicious show and a way of settling personal scores.

Whatever people Israel has on ground are not going to be suddenly caught on short notice by Hamas. But circular firing squads have to do their thing.

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