Mohammed, Obama's Caliphate Loving Advisor, is Now Born-Again Republican

"As I've said b4 inevitable that 'Caliphate' returns."

Mohamed Elibiary,

Maybe he found a new Caliph to serve.

Mohamed Elibiary, a controversial senior adviser to the U.S. Homeland Security Department, stepped down Sept. 3.

In a controversial post he made on Twitter in June, responding to a question about the Islamic State group, Elibiary wrote, "As I've said b4 inevitable that 'Caliphate' returns."

The tweet was part of a string of posts deemed inappropriate for a senior government advisor, including one where he said he considered the United States to be an "Islamic country" and another where he suggested that those in the national security "uber hawks camp misread 9/11."

On Twitter, Mo claims that he'll continue to remain involved with Homeland Security in other roles. Frank Gaffney has more on that.

In response to a Tweeted question from investigative reporter Ryan Mauro — who conducted a highly illuminating interview with Elibiary in the fall of 2013 — the former Senior Fellow at the Obama Department of Homeland Security announced that he was now going to turn his attention to “reform[ing] the conservative movement so the GOP can win in 2016.”

Why settle for Grover Norquist when you can get the real Jihad? Mo is trying to learn how to blend in.

Mohamed Elibiary - Pro liberty #Conservative values see people as individuals & race/religion neutral. Ugly #RtWing'ers attack fellow Americans as collectives.

Darn those right wingers. Not like those nice pro-liberty conservatives.

Mohamed Elibiary -  Many #RtWing'ers hold misinformed perception of Muslim majority societies. #Islam is THE ONLY REAL vehicle 4 reform.

Sure. That must be why the Muslim world is such a reformed place.