Even Giant Squids Hate Greenpeace

I don't usually side with the giant squids...

I don't usually side with the giant squids. Between all the tentacles, the beak and their bad breath, it's hard to sympathize with them. But when giant squids take on Greenpeace, we all win.

A rare giant squid has been caught on video attacking a Greenpeace submarine in the Bering Sea.

The Greenpeace expedition is part of the organisation’s campaign to protect the sealife from industrial fishing, which Greenpeace claims is uprooting and crushing coral and sponge communities.

Greenpeace’s website says. “…We must take a precautionary approach and set aside representative portions of critical habitat – such as in the Bering Sea Canyons – as an insurance policy for our future.”

Or we could just dump all Greenpeace members there and let the giant squids take care of things.

But it also appears that Greenpeace doesn't actually know anything about the creatures it wants to protect as it was not a giant squid. Considering the size of the sub, if it were a giant squid, the sub would have been a tic tac.

And their attackers weren't a squid of the giant variety, but a pair of Humboldt squids, nicknamed "jumbo squid" or "red devil" for their famed aggression and the red colour the squids turn when in hunting or attack mode.

Although these squids can get pretty big -- up to 6.2 ft in mantle length and up to 100 lb in weight, these guys are relatively titchy -- no longer than a few feet in length, maximum. Their size, however, is no indication of courage: colored a brilliant red, they have a brave go at the sub before swimming off in a puff of ink.

6 feet is not really big. Giant squids, whose existence is still somewhat controversial, are estimated to be in the 30 to 40 feet range and have been known to attack whales.