Occupy Wall Street/Ferguson Thug Arrested for Beating Jewish Man at Anti-Israel Protest

No Hate Crime here. Just Leftist Anti-Semitism.


Not too surprising. No Hate Crime here. Just Leftist Anti-Semitism. And we're never supposed to talk about that.

Leonard Petlakh, the 42-year-old executive director of the Kings Bay Y, was attacked by a pro-Palestinian protester as he left a Nets basketball game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on October 7.

Several pro-Palestinian groups picketed the game against Israeli champions Maccabi Tel Aviv because it was a fundraiser for the Israel Defense Forces.

Petlakh said that as he left the arena with his sons, aged 10 and 14, his way was blocked by protesters yelling “Free Palestine” and “Your people are murderers.”

At that point, one of the protesters — allegedly Shawn Shraeder  — punched him, resulting in a broken nose and a cut above the eye, requiring eight stitches.

Shawn Schraeder, 25, was taken into custody in St. Louis, Missouri on Thursday. He was brought back to Brooklyn, where he is now awaiting arraignment. He is not being charged with a hate crime as police do not believe bias was a motive, ABC reported.

Shawn Schrader is an activist with Occupy Wall Street who goes by a number of different names including Shawn Carrié. Shawn had cashed in during the OWS heday by claiming to have been the victim of police brutality.

The city will pay out an $82,500 settlement to an Occupy Wall Street activist who claims police beat him up and arrested him three times - the last instance booking him on a years-old public urination warrant for someone else, the Daily News has learned.

Shawn Schrader, 24, said the beatdowns left him with a bleeding ear, a hurt thumb and nightmares about cops.

"I settled my lawsuit because the police lawyers made it clear they would fight me tooth and nail on every claim," Schrader told The News. All charges against Schrader stemming from the three arrests were dropped.

Poor baby. His Twitter account shows that Schader/Carrie had recently headed to Ferguson to participate in the ugliness there. In an attempt to make money off OWS, he tried to describe Tweeting about OWS as his "full-time job". (He raised zero dollars.)

His Facebook account is filled with deranged rants about America and Israel.

Carrie/Schader is a fairly typical activist parasite with a New School background. There are lots of rants about "white people" and poses next to graffiti while wearing a Keffiyah. Typical portrait of a bourgeois as revolutionary stuff.

The disturbing thing is how such fake revolutionary poses can mask the privilege of leftist activists and serve as a license for racism.

Shawn Schraeder/Shawn Carrie serves as another reminder that privileged leftist activists like him are allowed to act out their hatred and are then shielded from its consequences.

Carrie/Schader chose to attack Jews as part of a group yelling about "You people" and he will get off with a slap on the wrist and without being charged with a hate crime. After milking the system on "police brutality" charges, he went on to engage in a vicious assault on a Jewish man. And the same left that fundraised for him before will do it again.

That's the reality of things in De Blasio Time.


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