Muslims are 7.5% of France, 60% of Prisoners

I'm sure they're only moderates


I'm sure they're only moderates who were arrested for crimes of peace. (via Religion of Peace)

Muslims in French prisons reach up to 60% claims France’s UMP party deputy Guillaume Larrive.

The conclusion drawn by Larrive in a report as part of an action plan “against Islamist radicalisation in prison” This action plan is now likely to involve several hundred prisoners, Le Figaro reported.

The report estimates that 60% of the prison population in France, that is to say 40,000 prisoners, can be considered Muslim, “culturally or originally”.

French deputy Larrive, who has worked on the budget of the Prison Service for 2015, calls for “setting up specialized anti-radicalization shock therapy units (USAR) for prisoners returning from jihad”…

Or... and here's a wild idea, don't take them back. It seems like France has prisons packed full of Muslims already.

Trying to "deradicalize" ISIS Jihadists seems ambitious when France, like the UK and the US, can't even prevent ordinary prisoners who aren't Muslim from turning Muslim and going Jihadist. Muslims routinely run prisons. Try "deradicalizing" them.

But these numbers show that even apart from definite ideology, France has a major Muslim crime problem. Let's set aside the phony extremist vs moderate continuum and concede that one does not need to be a devout Muslim or to be directly acting in its name to have absorbed its attitude of entitlement and xenophobia.

And to act on that sense of entitlement through criminal activity. That's where the grooming mass rapes in the UK came from.

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