Unlike Every Other Building in Ferguson, Michael Brown's Church was Set on Fire by "White Supremacists"

The easiest thing to do is just blame whitey.


So while angry mobs were running around torching and looting buildings, a bunch of Klansmen infiltrated the place and set a church on fire.

A Ferguson, Mo., church gutted by fire on Monday was targeted by white supremacists because the pastor had publicly called for Police Officer Darren Wilson to be arrested, Rev. Carlton Lee alleged in an interview.

Flood Christian Church was one of more than a dozen buildings and businesses damaged by arsonists in the St. Louis suburb overnight after a grand jury chose not to indict Wilson in the shooting death of a black teen.

Lee was an ever-present fixture next to Michael Brown Sr. in the months after his son, Michael Brown Jr., was killed in a violent confrontation with Wilson on Aug. 9. The elder Brown was even baptized at the church on Sunday.

Every media outlet is dutifully reporting the same story about "white supremacists" without ever questioning the plausibility of it.

Now maybe a gang of white supremacists decided to invade the place in the middle of a massive black riot. But it's more likely that the same exact people who were burning every other car and building in Ferguson torched the church too.

But there's no way to justify burning a church and no way to defend the people who would do such a thing, so the easiest thing to do is just blame whitey.

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