Obama Using the "I'm Completely Ignorant of the Internet" Defense

The administration that wants to control the internet is suddenly playing dumb


Remember when Obama was being sold as the smart tech-savvy pol? And now suddenly he's too stupid to know that the email he was using for Hillary had no .gov on the end and that Clintonemail.com isn't a branch of the government?

Is this supposed to fool anyone remotely conversant with the internet?

First Obama's people, as usual, that he only found out about Clinton's use of a private email address from the news. Then it turned out that the White House had known about it all along.

Now the fallback position is that Obama is completely ignorant of how the internet works. But he still wants to control it.

(Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama exchanged e-mails with Hillary Clinton on her personal address while she was secretary of state, but he didn’t know any details about how it had been set up, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said.

Obama “did know her e-mail address” and all their exchanges were archived on the White House system, Earnest said Monday. The president wasn’t aware of how Clinton used the e-mail system, he said in response to questions.

Obama said Saturday in an interview with CBS News that he first knew that Clinton used an e-mail system outside of the government for official business “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

Obama had no idea that Clintonemail.com is not a government email? No one else on the White House or State Department staff knew it either? Suddenly the administration that wants to control the internet is playing dumb when it suits its agenda.