US Taxpayers Paying Muslims Who Don't Want to be Terrorists to Carry Out Terrorist Attacks

US taxpayers are paying terrorists to kill Jews.

Here's where the US funding of the PLO has taken us.

US taxpayers subsidize the PLO's Palestinian Authority. The PA pays out handsome salaries to convicted terrorists. This encourages even those Muslims in the West Bank who don't want to be terrorists to try and commit an act of terrorism in order to get a handsome salary and other perks when they're actually released.

This latest terrorist was unenthusiastic about the terror part. He just wanted to be arrested.

The man approached the soldier and told him that he wanted to stab a soldier and then be arrested, and he then showed the soldier his folded knife.

The soldier pointed his gun at the man, and told him to not come any closer. The Golani soldiers nearby arrested the sort-of terrorist and took away his knife.

That would be the safe way to carry out a terrorist attack. And this happens all the time.

Imprisoned Palestinian terrorist Husni Najjar explained to Israeli Police that he planned a second terror attack in order to be captured and imprisoned by Israel a second time, so that he would receive the salaries the Palestinian Authority pays to prisoners while in jail and following their release. In his signed statement given to the police following his second arrest, a copy of which is in the possession of Palestinian Media Watch, he explains that the money he received from the PA as salary during his first prison term amounted to only 45,000 shekels (11,000 dollars). However, the salary he would receive following his second prison term and subsequent release would leave him with "135,000 shekels." (34,000 dollars) "And thus I would cover my debts," the terrorist explained his motive for planning the attack.

US taxpayers are paying terrorists to kill Jews. And it has to stop.