Restoration Weekend 2010

Newt Gingrich – “America At Risk” the movie
Newt Gingrich considers the importance of American exceptionalism and other issues that are not part of Barack Obama’s universe and discusses how we can go from isolated electoral triumphs to a permanent center-right government in the U.S.

Pastor John Hagee
Pastor John Hagee talks about the attacks against Jews around the world, and particularly in Israel, and how they–and we–are involved in a war against radical Islam that is a war “of good against evil and light against dark.”

Russell Pearce
Russell Pearce, state Senator from Arizona and author of that state’s tough immigration law, discusses the invasion of America by illegal aliens and the social chaos his law is intended to prevent.

Michael Barone
Michael Barone, one of the most astute observers of American electoral politics, discusses the meaning of the 2010 election and analyzes the vote, from the level of the Congressional district to the White House and the prospects for 2012.

Stanley Kurtz
Stanley Kurtz discusses Radical in Chief, his new book about Barack Obama’s long involvement in a network of socialists and radical leftists who have helped define his philosophy led him toward policies intended to radically transform America.

Immigration: The Next Battle

Q & A

American Economy: Recovery When?

Military Appreciation

The War Against Israel
Part 1

Part 2

The Conservative Future
In this panel discussion on the future of conservatism, Congressman Steven King, columnist Ronald Radosh, Emmett Tyrrell of The American Spectator, and David Horowitz talk about the Tea Party, ideological purity vs. winning over moderates, and other issues that will determine the character and success of the conservative movement.

Q & A

America in Decline?

Pamela Geller – Annie Taylor Award Recipient

J. Christian Adams – Annie Taylor Award Recipient

After the Mosque: Jihad on the Home Front

What Just Happened: The Election