Is the US Navy Big Enough to Take on China and Iran?


The US Navy has has a total of 285 active vessels. The Chinese Navy has a total of 515 combat vessels and 138 major combat vessels

Obama Did Not Mention “Islam” Once in the Debate


One of the interesting things about this debate is that Obama never mentioned Islam. He refused to say the word, “Islam”, “Muslim” or “Islamic” in this third debate. He used the word “Terrorism” only once, while Romney used it twice.

With the 3rd Debate, Obama has Become the Challenger


The election is Romney’s to lose. Obama has nothing left to lose. That is what you saw in this debate. Romney had the ball and Obama did everything he could to get it from him. He failed.

Romney vs Obama Round III – It’s All Down to Boca Raton (VIDEO) (LIVE)


Two men enter. One man leaves. The other man becomes President.

Bill Clinton is Melting Down All Over Again


“This shouldn’t be a race. The only reason it is, is because Americans are impatient on things not made before yesterday and they don’t understand why the economy is not totally hunky-dory again.”

Orlando Sentinel: “It Verges on Magical Thinking to Expect Obama to Get Different Results in the Next Four Years”


“Tte federal government is more than $5 trillion deeper in debt. It just racked up its fourth straight 13-figure shortfall”

“I’m a Jew, So I’m Voting for Romney” (VIDEO)


Watch as a reporter asks African-Americans and Orthodox Jews who they’re voting for. Pay attention to how many Orthodox Jews reflexively associate Jewish identity with voting Republican.

Romney Polling Better Than Reagan With Jewish Voters


In the last week, Romney has been consistently ahead of Reagan’s share of the Jewish vote. And in some polls, even the share of every Republican in the last 100 years.

Romney Winning California Independent Voters


Not only is Romney winning California independents 44 to 35, but within the Bay Area, Obama leads Romney only 48 to 42.

Romney Now Ahead in Virginia, New Hampshire and Florida


At this point the only region that Obama seems to have any kind of solid grip on is the Northeast and even that’s beginning to slip through his fingers with the latest New Hampshire polling.