The Dire Problem of Republican Leadership


Diagnosing a catastrophic illness.

Michael Reagan at Restoration Weekend

Picture 7

To win the future, conservatives must look to the great leadership of the past.

Why Romney May Win


The president is in more trouble than Democratic-slanted polls let on.

Battleground Ohio


An in-depth look at the all-important swing state.

New Democratic Party Platform Betrays Israel


Position revision mirrors Obama’s decision to turn his back on our closest ally in the Middle East.

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The Most Divisive Campaign in American History


How Team Obama abandoned “hope and change” to galvanize the hate-America coalition.

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Obama for Sale


The president is cheaper than ever, but you still can’t afford him.

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The Good News About Romney


The campaign’s not about Romney.

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Get Ready For More Charges of Racism


Why Obama must continue to shift blame elsewhere.

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The Cult of Obama

Barack Obama campaigns in Austin Texas

The end of a religion.

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