Election Day: What’s at Stake


Will Americans choose freedom or the continuing dominance of statism?

Goodbye, Eric Holder?


Is the attorney general’s reign of corruption coming to an end?

Democratic Exodus

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 1.31.27 AM

Progressives up for re-election can read the tea leaves.

2014: Year of Decision


The stakes have never been higher.

The U.N.’s ‘Year of Solidarity’ with the Palestinians


Expect lots of Sturm und Drang at the UN in 2014.

2014: And the Future of the Republican Party

Picture 7

An expert panel assesses the odds for next year’s election at Restoration Weekend.

The 2014 SC Bellwether Election Doesn’t Bring the Dems Any Good News


Both sides needed a win to rally the troops as they head into 2014. The Republicans beat gun control and though the Dems lost with Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Those are not good trends going into 2014.

A Closer Look at the U.S.-Afghan Partnership Agreement


The most significant problems with the long-awaited pact.

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