The Progressive Assault on the Legacy of Independence Day

Three Sparklers with American Flag

America relives the days of King George III.

Remembering American Exceptionalism on Independence Day

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How progressive education is failing to pass on patriotism to the next generation.

America’s Birthday

Honduras v United States - FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier

Can the American spirit be kept alive?

Scorn on the Fourth of July


Looking back at some of the Left’s worst examples of Independence Day hatred.

Revolutionary Times


Two hundred thirty-seven years later, Americans are once again fighting to be free.

The Left Can’t Bring Itself to Celebrate America


Refuting the hate-America rhetoric.

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Religious Left Mourns Independence Day


America the arrogant?

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Remembering the Founders’ Sacrifice


Some lost everything for the pursuit of human liberty.

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The Only Real Revolution


What if the founders of the American Revolution could see our government today?

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