Did Tamerlan Tsarnaev Murder Jews on 10th Anniversary of 9/11?


What disturbing new evidence reveals about the Boston jihadist.

America’s Empty Slogan: ‘See Something, Say Something’


With leftist thought-police on patrol, who would dare?

Oliver Stone’s Bush Derangement Syndrome


The neo-Communist filmmaker presents yet another perversion of history.

Saudi Arabia Releases Head of “Terrorist Factory” Who Mentored 9/11 Hijacker

Suleiman al-Alwan-gay

According to the head of one of the training camps in Afghanistan, some were chosen by unnamed Saudi sheikhs who had contacts with al Qaeda. Omari, for example, is believed to have been a student of a radical Saudi cleric named Sulayman al Alwan. His mosque, which is located in al Qassim Province, is known among more moderate clerics as a “terrorist factory.”

Benghazi Investigator Slams America and ‘Islamophobes’


As Obama’s cover-up disintegrates, leftists promise crackdown on free speech.

Candy Crowley’s Benghazi Lifeline to Obama


Debate moderator backs up the president’s deception on his handling of a terror attack.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Fraud Has Come Undone


How the President lost the wars — and why the media can no longer conceal it.

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The Rape of Christopher Stevens


Where is the outrage, let alone a spoken word, from the White House and media?

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Christopher Stevens Feeds the Crocodile


What the U.S. ambassador to Libya really died for.

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New York Times Re-Writes 9/11 History


Papering over Clinton’s eight years of counter-terrorism failure.

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