The Inscrutable Campus and the New Left Background

Huey Newton

David Horowitz’s new book sheds light on the progressive Gestapo in academia.

Brown University Retreats From Free Speech


The leftist Gestapo’s choke-hold on intellectual diversity on full display.

Professors for Jew-Hate


The American Association of University Professors gives extremists a platform to promote racism.

Academic Bolshevism in Israel


The Radical Left liquidates Israeli academic freedom.

An Unexpected and Important Education Victory in Colorado


Colorado University shields students from political harassment by their professors.

Michigan State Prof: Republicans are Old White People Who Raped America and Don’t Want to Pay for Your Tuition


“Republicans are not a majority in this country anymore. They are a bunch of dead white people. Or dying white people.”

Defending Indoctrination as ‘Academic Freedom’


Welcome to the in-class radical rantings of USC’s Dr. Richard Dekmejian.

Adopt a Dissenting Book


The David Horowitz Freedom Center continues its campaign to combat the One-Party Classroom.

No More Monopoly Over Education


Why the leftist hegemony in Israeli academia is beginning to crumble.

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David Horowitz Speaks at Bucknell University

A warrior for academic freedom discusses the perilous future of free speech on campus.