Mass Killers: Crazier Than Liberals


Will the left finally let us do something about the dangerously mentally ill?

ACLU Accuses Union of “Extortion” for Using its Free Speech to Criticize It


The ACLU management hopes to narrow the infractions protected by the arbitration process, and to make “disloyalty” a fireable offense without defining what exactly disloyalty means.

ACLU Sues NYPD, Claims Surveillance Prevents Muslims from Practicing their Religion by Inciting Terror


It’s the worst violation of religious freedom since the NYPD prevented a voodoo cult from practicing human sacrifice.

Gay Wedding Bells for Modern Family?


The politics of primetime.

The Premature Mirandizing of a Terrorist


Why the Obama administration gives jihadists more rights than their victims — and the deadly cost we’ll pay for it.

Liberals Go Crazy for the Mentally Ill


Dems’ solution to gun violence: let the insane roam the streets while impairing our right to self-defense.

ACLU Sues 70-Year-Old Christian Flower Shop Owner for Refusing to Participate in Gay Wedding

Barronelle Stutzman

This is a clash between two religions. Christianity and Liberalism. We have a state church and it performs gay weddings and insists that everyone participate in them as well.

To Kill a Murderer


The Left’s war against the death penalty.

Federal Court Rules that Failure to Castrate Bank Robber is Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Ophelia Azriel De'lonta

The Founders would have considered castrating a criminal to be Cruel and Unusual Punishment. But Liberalism, in its infinite wisdom, considers it a civil right.

Freed Gitmo Terrorists Joining Up With Al Qaeda


How many Syrian Christians have been murdered by Gitmo inmates? How many Libyan Africans were ethnically cleansed by them? How many girls in Mali were raped by Gitmo’s finest?