Obama’s Wars Aren’t Over


Al Qaeda sees things much differently from the president.

The Innocence of Obama


Why an anti-Islam filmmaker is in jail and Benghazi terrorists are free.

Why Our Forces Were Told to ‘Stand Down’ in Benghazi


In a post-American administration, American lives come second to winning over Muslims.

What About the Camp Bastion Attack?


Tragic terrorist attack was overshadowed by Benghazi, but critical questions remain.

Insecure Obama, Insecure World


Setting the record straight on the president’s failed foreign policy.

Obama’s Decidedly Unclear Foreign Policy


The president has rarely failed to waffle on an issue of international significance.

Afghanistan: War of the Social Workers


What we were really fighting for — and why we lost.

Obama Lies About Ending the War in Afghanistan


Obama is going to have more soldiers in Afghanistan in 2015 than Bush did in 2006. Obama isn’t pulling out of Afghanistan. He’s pulling the troops from his failed surge out of Afghanistan.

Lara Logan Claims Obama is Influenced by Taliban Apologists


“There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years,” Logan said. It is driven in part by “Taliban apologists,” who claim “they are just the poor moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban,”

Obama: Let American Soldiers Die So Afghans Can Sleep

A U.S. Marine, from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, has a close call after Taliban fighters opened fire near Garmser in Helmand Province

The real story of the 2,000 dead in Afghanistan is that the majority of those deaths happened under Obama because his surge was linked to a complete disregard for American lives and compulsive appeasement of the locals.