A Closer Look at the U.S.-Afghan Partnership Agreement


The most significant problems with the long-awaited pact.

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Afghanistan at Home


The next occupation is on your block.

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The Enemy’s Pre-Emptive Strike in Afghanistan


Pakistan-linked attacks come just before NATO campaign.

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Clearing the Way for the Taliban


Obama cedes U.S. control over vital counter-terrorism measure in Afghanistan.

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Blazing Qur’ans and the Deception of Muslim Contrived Indignation


Reversing the victim-victimizer equation.

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Psychological Operations and the Afghanistan Withdrawal


Why we need to be bringing to light — and ridicule — our enemy’s private fears.

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Smearing Our Troops


The Left uses the killing of civilians in Afghanistan to attack the military and U.S.

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Afghanistan Killings, Western Media and Double Standards — on The Glazov Gang


Hollywood actor Jim Tooey, best-selling author Nonie Darwish and conservative comedian Evan Sayet mix it up on Frontpage’s television show.

Fires of Hate Burn on in Afghanistan


Panetta arrives to tame tensions, but a terrorist attack breaks out instead.

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The Blood Price of Afghanistan


The value of American lives.

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