$338 Mil Auto Bailout of Afghanistan Ends in Disaster


U.S. officials have been relying on the Afghan army to confirm receipt of the components.

Saudi Arabia’s Candidate for Afghan President has Ties to Both World Trade Center Attacks


Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, brought Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan and founded the Call of Jihad training school for terrorists

Taliban Uses Exploding Koran to Kill Afghan Governor in Mosque


And a happy Eid to all.

An American Bride in Kabul


Phyllis Chesler’s new memoir tells the harrowing tale of how her search for rebellion ended in Islamic captivity.

Looking for Vacation Ideas? Visit the Jihad Museum in Afghanistan


Located in sunny Herat and financed by the private fortune of an Afghan warlord, the Jihad Museum is a G.I. Joe nightmare of plastic action figures murdering each other.

Obama Goes to UN, Lies, Claims “Mission Accomplished” in Afghanistan

obama liar

Last time he blamed a YouTube video for the September 11 attacks. This time he’s claiming that the War in Afghanistan was won.

Taliban Hit US Mission in Afghanistan with Truck Bomb, RPGs, Bomb Vests

Smoke rises from the US consulate in Herat after the attack.

There have been questions about whether some Herat attacks were really the work of the Taliban… or of Iran.

Obama Lost Afghanistan… and the Lives of 1,575 American Soldiers


73 percent of American casualties in Afghanistan happened under Obama’s watch.

Afghanistan Imposes $3545 Container Tax on Departing US and Aussie Forces

Operation Slipper

Afghan officials were blocking commercial trucks from delivering food and fuel to US forces

A Scandal Bigger Than Benghazi?


The unanswered and troubling questions surrounding the deadly attack on SEAL Team 6.