The Black Book of the American Left


David Horowitz’s new collection unveils the heart of progressive darkness.

What If Islamists Took Control of the White House?


What agenda would an Islamist U.S. president pursue?

The Radicalism of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

A controversial history exposed.

CAIR Leader Runs for New York City Council


Zead Ramadan eyes a bigger platform from which to promote his Islamist agenda.

A Man or a Woman: What’s the Diff?


Social engineering with a vengeance.

Muslim-American Interfaith Group Calls for Blasphemy Laws


The United Muslim Christian Forum’s anti-Semitic, Islamist agenda.

David Suzuki: the Climate Industry’s Old Man of the Mountain


Bad math, wrong predictions and indoctrinating the multitudes.

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Is The Climate Consensus Beginning to Change?


Countering a big green lie.

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The Left’s Tea Party?


Why the Occupy Wall Street campaign is destined to fail.

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How Not to Defend Yourself as a Jew at Yale


Even sugarcoating your enemy’s venom is an insufficient gesture of submission.

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