Why Republicans Can’t Debate Obama


You can’t oppose what you support.

Thomas Sowell Deconstructs Diversity Dogma


How intellectuals fuel racial feuds.

Bill Maher vs. Bush, Bob Woodward vs Obama: A Tale of Two Reigns of Terror


The left has no objective principles or standards. All it does is defend its agenda and attack the agenda of others. Its moral principles are those of a watchdog that doesn’t know right from wrong, but does know who to bark at and whose hand to lick.

Jeffrey Goldberg Claims Calling Him a Sewer Pipe is Anti-Semitic


A civilization depends on working sewer pipes. But when the media goes into “sewer pipe revolutionist” mode and begins carrying its own waste into civilization, instead of away from it, then civilization is endangered and needs to replace the broken sewer pipelines with sewer pipes that carry away waste, instead of manufacturing it and spreading it.

Harry Potter Writer’s Next Book is a Left Wing Screed


The story is driven by the long-standing frustration that some of Barry’s disagreeable and right-wing neighbors have about the town’s administrative connection to the Fields, an area of public housing and poverty