Al Gore Considering “Inconvenient Truth” Sequel No One Wants


There’s only so many times that Chicken Little can cry that the sky is falling

Top Hillary Strategist Created Traffic Jams for Gore to Steal Election


“Gore’s motorcade could snarl traffic and commuters from ever getting to their polling places.”

Taxpayers Lose $139 Mil on Al Gore’s Green Car


The DOE sold the loan to Li for $25 million

Al Gore Nearly Destroyed Twitter, Sold it to Al Jazeera


“It was an idea for Current to merge with Twitter,” he says.

Al Gore’s Global Warming Desperation


Devastating news on the horizon for the climate change cult.

Environmentalist Who Took $100 Mil from Oil Tyranny Claims NRA is a Fraud


It was bad enough when Al Gore was claiming to be an expert on Global Warming while putting out books that he had never written.

Gore Al Jazeera Sale Idea Came From Consultant Who Brought ChiCom Propaganda Channel to America


Terenzio’s calling card is that he was instrumental in arranging for the broadcasting of ChiCom propaganda in the United States and then came up with the idea for doing the same thing for Qatar’s Islamist tyrants.

Al Jazeera Star: Death to Apostates


While Glenn Beck’s views scared Al Gore, Sheikh al-Qaradawi’s jihadist vision rings just right.

Al Gore: George Soros Should Have More Influence Over American Politics


Apparently controlling the White House and the Foreign Policy of the country via the Soros Money Machine isn’t enough. Not until the entire Senate and Congress bows to the new Emperor of America.

Gore Blames Television for Downfall of American Democracy

Someone stop me before I created another television news network

Al Gore has just gotten around to selling his political television channel to an oil tyranny and is now blaming television for the downfall of politics. If Al Gore really were a robot, it would be time to send him back to the factory to get his brain serviced.