Al Jazeera Paid $500 Million to Reach 13,000 Viewers


Al Jazeera paid bought a liberal cable channel no one watched and then lost half its viewers

Al Jazeera Picks Up Hotel Tab for Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

osama bin laden al jazeera

“It’s a channel dedicated to the Muslim Brotherhood. “They fund the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Did Qatar Bribe Time Warner into Carrying Al Jazeera?


It might just be cheaper for Al Jazeera to be pay viewers to watch it

Al Jazeera America Paid $25,000 Per Viewer


According to Nielsen ratings figures, on Thursday evening the show racked up a 0 in the demo score.

Al Gore Nearly Destroyed Twitter, Sold it to Al Jazeera


“It was an idea for Current to merge with Twitter,” he says.

Al Jazeera Now Picking a Fight with Arafat’s Corpse


“I came to say I reject the Zionist-American conspiracy that is being waged through Al Jazeera channel.”

Al Jazeera Reaches 0.1% of its American Audience

al jazeera

Al Jazeera’s news channel, which it paid a sizable fortune to Al Gore to buy, is reaching less viewers than most local newscasts

Al Jazeera Can’t Find Advertisers for its US Propaganda Channel

And now an ad for Bounty Wipes

“I wouldn’t give them a dime, especially since we are in New York,” said one advertiser, who asked not to be named.

Get Ready for Al Jazeera America


How the jihadist equivalent of Pravda is already being embraced by the journalistic establishment.

Video: Mordechai Kedar on Al Jazeera


“Jihad TV” unveiled.