Egypt Takes Al Jazeera Off the Air


Qatar’s Al Jazeera played a prominent role in promoting and manufacturing the Arab Spring.

Al Jazeera Hires CNN’s Worst Rated Morning Show Host


Considering that CNN is already at the bottom of the ratings heap, there’s nowhere to go except down.

Koch Brothers a Bigger Danger to Media Than Al-Jazeera?


As the Qatari network explodes in America, where are journalists’ cries of “dangerous bias”?

Al Jazeera Considering Buying New York Times HQ


But considering that the liberal American media has become hard to tell apart from the Middle Eastern propaganda media, Qatar could buy the New York Times and rename it the Al Jazeera Times and no one would be able to tell the difference.

Gore Al Jazeera Sale Idea Came From Consultant Who Brought ChiCom Propaganda Channel to America


Terenzio’s calling card is that he was instrumental in arranging for the broadcasting of ChiCom propaganda in the United States and then came up with the idea for doing the same thing for Qatar’s Islamist tyrants.

Al Jazeera Dedicated to the Service of the Muslim Brotherhood, says Arab Newspaper


Qatar has dedicated Al Jazeera, the country’s most prized non-financial asset, to the service of the Muslim Brotherhood and turned it into what prominent Middle East scholar Alain Gresh calls a “mouthpiece for the Brotherhood.”

Islam and Environmentalism: United in Anti-Humanism

Picture 7

When ideology devalues the status of mankind, horrifying results ensue.

Current TV Bought By Al Jazeera


What if the Nazis had bought NBC?

The Four Als


More reminders of how prohibition, of one kind or another, inevitably leads to injurious consequences.

Al Gore Now Richer than Romney, Thanks to Oil, Not Green Energy


100 million dollars of Al Gore’s estimated 300 million dollar net worth comes from Qatar, an oil tyranny that funds terrorists and he got that money by selling the political access that he used to illegitimately gain access to 60 million viewers for the Current TV cable network.