US Accuses Kuwaiti “Pigs and Apes” Justice Minister of Terror Ties


He proceeded to call the Jewish people “the scum of mankind.”

Family Thought Islam Would “Calm Down” Teen Who Joined Al Qaeda

Damian Clairmont

His text messages “became increasingly angry about Canada.”

Transgender Emir of Syrian Al Qaeda Captured in Women’s Clothing


“He shaved his beard and put on mascara and lipstick.”

Syrian Al Qaeda Funder Lives on Disability in Australia


Alqudsi told investigators he has two wives

Al Qaeda’s Two Groups Now Fighting Each Other in Syria


Would it really be such a bad thing if this war never ended?

American Journalist Describes Torture, Imprisonment by Syrian Rebels


Mr. Schrier converted to Islam in March, he said, which improved his relations with the kidnappers

Obama Sends FSA Anti-Tank Missiles, FSA Sells Anti-Tank Missiles to Al Qaeda


“We have good relations with our brothers in the FSA. For us, the infidels are those who cooperate with the West to fight Islam.”

Al Qaeda is on the Run… w/10,000 Fighters in Syria and Chemical Weapons


But Obama has a plan. He’s going to help their side win. Which will surely discredit them.

Syrian Al Qaeda Rebels Now Moving Into Lebanon


Can Sunni Islamists pose a serious threat to Hezbollah in Lebanon if they manage to unite and get Qatari money and weaponry? I wouldn’t rule it out.

Syrian Rebels Ban Women from Wearing Pants, Force People into Mosques


One young boy who attends these classes told Reuters that pupils are taught about praying, the role of women, the place of polygamy in marriage