Obama’s Iraq War

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

How Obama turned Iraq into an Al Qaeda haven.

The Jihadi Job Application


Paging Marie Harf: You see, they already have jobs.

How Iran Saved Obama’s “Blame America” Foreign Policy


Now that Iran and Al Qaeda are in charge, everything will be okay.

Al-Qaeda’s Younger Brother in Florida


Is Nabil el-Shukri trying to fill the shoes of his extremist lineage?

Should the United States Declare War on the Islamic State?


Congress authorized military force against Al Qaeda and its various affiliates on September 11.

Muslim Terrorists Want to Stage a European 9/11 for Christmas


Muslims have plans to give Europe a Christmas present.

Trapped in Afghanistan Between Obama and the Taliban


Obama plays a cynical game with the lives of American soldiers.

Trapped in Afghanistan Between Obama and the Taliban

Eric Shinseki

Never before has an administration been so casual about putting American troops in harm’s way to protect a politician’s approval ratings.

‘Cuddly’ Justice For Muslim Terrorists in Germany


Germans outraged by light sentences court gives to al-Qaeda killers.

Brookings Institution’s New Idea: Try Failed Solutions Again


The influential Qatar-funded think tank scapegoats Israel and ignores history.