Obama Lied: Al Qaeda Surge Led to 43% Incease in Terror Attacks

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Had those numbers been made public, Obama’s claims would have collapsed.

Who Lost Iraq?

The evolution of al-Qaeda from Iraq to Syria

Why Obama and the Democratic Party own the crisis in Iraq.

The New York Times Defends Al-Qaeda


The “Gray Lady” is always last to report on persecution of Christians—but always first to whitewash jihadis.

Terrorist Groups Rise 58% Since 2010


A new report destroys the Obama administration’s claim that terrorism is “on the run.”

CAIR Commemorated Memorial Day by Attacking American Soldiers


The difference between CAIR and Al Qaeda is…

‘Muslimsplaining’ Islamic Terrorism Away


The peculiar media ritual that follows every Islamic act of violence.

Obama Lost the War on Al Qaeda, While Claiming to Have Won It


Instead of fighting to defeat Al Qaeda, he was working to defeat Bush’s policies.

Arab Spring Leads to Al Qaeda Terrorist Becoming Yemeni Security Official


This is Obama’s New Middle East. Or is it Al Qaeda’s new Middle East?

New York Times Claims “Moderate” Al Qaeda Disavows Boko Haram


Then the Times argues that Boko Haram is a victim of Islamophobia

Christians ‘Crucified Again’ for Refusing Islam