Global Islamism: Prospects for 2014


Will the new year bring even greater shifts of power in favor of radical Islam?

Iraq War May Be Restarting with CIA Drone Targeting

obama iraq

“There is one place in the world where Al Qaeda doesn’t fear US drones.”

Egypt Declares Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group


But the organization continues to find safe haven in America.

Pakistani Taliban Take Credit for Times Square Bombing, Threaten More Attacks


“Very soon, our jihad…is reaching New York and Washington.”

America Takes Down Osama bin Laden’s Lawyer


Hamas’ favorite lawyer faces tax evasion charges.

Al Qaeda’s Sharia Courts in Syria Lock Up and Torture Children


“I counted 94 lashes falling on this child… and then I could count no more.”

Obama Turned Benghazi into Al Qaeda Terrorist Hub


Every week, about a dozen Syrians arrive at Benghazi’s airport

Homeland Insecurity: Al Qaeda ‘Refugees’ on Welfare


Only in Obama’s America.

Iran Blames Israel for Bombing Al Qaeda Already Took Credit For


The Iranian ambassador to Lebanon, Ghadanfar Roknabadi, said it was an “Israeli scheme”

Al-Qaeda’s Jihad Supported by Muslim Brotherhood


New revelations from the leader of al-Qaeda.