Pearson’s College Textbook Claims Al Qaeda is a Liberation Movement

pearson education

“The Al Qaeda movement of Osama bin Laden is one example of an attempt to free a country”

Al Qaeda in Jerusalem

Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Emboldened jihadists test the waters against a weakened America.

Israel Breaks Up Al Qaeda Plot to Bomb US Embassy


While Obama and Kerry were pressuring Israel to free terrorists…

Top Syrian Islamic Front Leader Comes Out as Al Qaeda


Now Kerry can begin arming moderate Al Qaeda to counterbalance the extremists

New York Times Discredited on Benghazi


Senate Intelligence Committee confirms no protests, Al-Qaeda involvement.

The Hidden Fees of ObamaCare — on The Glazov Gang


Surprise, surprise: it isn’t free.

Al Qaeda: Bigger, Stronger & More Dangerous Than Ever


A few years ago the terrorist group’s numbers were few — now its retaking Fallujah.

NBC Blames Bush for Al Qaeda Takeover of Fallujah in 2014

Williams pointing bush

Apparently we’re on George W. Bush’s fourth term.

How the Arab Spring Unleashed Al Qaeda


A new wave of terror.

Al-Qaeda vs. Al-Qaeda Lite in Syria


A jihadist-on-jihadist quagmire erupts.