Obama’s Al Qaeda Jailbreaks Help Lead to Al Qaeda Resurgence


Obama plans by 2014 to turn over all prisoners to the Afghan government — including high-value al Qaeda

Obama Inc. Refuses to Cancel Military Contracts with Al Qaeda Supporters


“I am troubled that the U.S. military can kill terrorists, but that some in the U.S. government believe we cannot prevent them from receiving government contracts,” the Special Inspector General said.

Philippines to Begin Funding Al Qaeda Linked Terrorist Group


A 75 percent share in taxes and earnings from natural resources and metallic minerals in the proposed Bangsamoro entity, and 50 percent from energy and other mineral resources.

Qatar Smuggles Weapons to Al Qaeda, Obama Turns a Blind Eye


The entire affair carries with it the stench of plausible deniability.

Secretary of War


The bizarre possibility that John Kerry is the most hawkish member of the president’s cabinet.

Al Qaeda is on the Run… w/10,000 Fighters in Syria and Chemical Weapons


But Obama has a plan. He’s going to help their side win. Which will surely discredit them.

The Calm Before the Jihadi Storm


Another 9/11 is only a matter of time — and Obama’s disastrous foreign policy is to blame.

Obama Lies America Into Another War


Syria is not America’s war. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood’s.

Ahmed Bedier’s al-Qaeda Family Stain Removal


Ahmed and his brother Amir delete web pages pointing to their love affair with terror.

Obama’s Renewed War on Guantanamo


Drone strikes and hunger strikes weigh in the balance.