Berber Minority Protests Mandatory Ramadan Muslim Fast with “Eat-In”


This may be the tastiest protest ever

Imprisoned Terrorist Claims Cell with Television and Radio “Unfit for Animals”


“Cork Prison is not even suitable for animals,” Damache, 47, told the High Court. “There was a television and radio (in my cell). “

Algeria Hostage Takers Were Also Involved In Benghazi Attack


“This is the result of the Arab Spring,” said the official said, who spoke on condition of anonymity because investigations into the hostage crisis were still under way. “I hope the Americans are conscious of this.”

Take it Easy on Algeria and France


Hostage situations are not easy to resolve. When the hostage-takers go in ready and even eager to die, then they are nearly impossible to end without a bloodbath. It’s been done, but not easily.

Algerian Attack Was Carried Out Using Weapons and Gear Provided to Libyan Rebels


They brought F5 rockets that also surfaced in the Libyan war, said the security source. The Islamists wore the same type of outfits that Qatar provided to Libyan National Transitional Council rebels by Qatar – yellow flak jackets with brown patches, known as “chocolate chip” camouflage.

Algeria: Obama’s Chickens Come Home to Roost


Latest jihad attack a harbinger of much more — and much worse — to come.

Obama’s War Turned Libya into Another Afghanistan

Terrorist Training Camp 1-280x179

Obama’s illegal Libyan War is escalating into a greater disaster with over a thousand French troops fighting the Al Qaeda linked terrorists who have taken over Northern Mali and a hostage crisis in Algeria involving Americans and Europeans carried out by Islamist terrorists who came out of Libya.

Islamist Hostage Takers in Algeria Vow To Only Kill Christians


“The terrorists told us at the very start that they would not hurt Muslims but were only interested in the Christians and infidels,” Abdelkader, 53, said by telephone from his home in the nearby town of In Amenas. “We will kill them, they said.”

Algeria in Jihadi Flames


A region awash in Libyan weapons explodes in al-Qaeda madness.

Lessons from the L.A. Airport Terrorist Plot


Ahmed Ressam sentenced to 37 years, but how many more are waiting to take his place?