Why Allying With Iran Helps ISIS


Iran is using ISIS to take over Iraq.

It’s Not Just Islam, It’s the Tribal Mentality


And ignoring the tribal mentality is as dangerous as downplaying Islamic doctrine.

The Folly of Inviting Iran to Fight ISIS


Furthering the Mullahs’ quest for regional power.

Israel Might Act to Safeguard Jordan


Jordan’s stability is in Israel’s national interest, and Israel is ready to do whatever it takes to defend it.

The Widening Turkey-Saudi Arabia Rift

Picture 3

Is it good for America?

India and Israel: The Ties That Bind


Why two great democracies should deepen their friendship.

Video: Jamie Glazov on The Left’s Romance With Jihad


Frontpage editor joins the Dr. Gina Show to explain progressives’ dance with tyranny and terror.

The Russia-China Axis Grows

Picture 16

What new Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow signals about the developing anti-American axis.

What the Left Does Not Understand About Islam

Picture 16

Inside the doomed unholy alliance.

Iraq Joins Iran’s Axis


Nouri al-Maliki regime helping Iran prop up Assad in Syria.

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