HHS Chief Technology Officer On ObamaCare Site: “I Wish There Was Something I Could Do To Help.”

Health Overhaul Florida

Amazon emailed two HHS officials. “Is there anything we can do to help?”

Amazon CEO Overpaid 5 Times the Price for Washington Post

Jeff Bezos

In the the first six months of the year, its newspaper division saw an operating loss of $49 million.

After Obama Appears at Amazon, Amazon CEO Buys Washington Post


The deal was conducted in such secrecy that even the Post’s own stable of investigative reporters were taken by surprise

NRB Book Club: Autographed Copies of A Cracking of the Heart

Autographed copies and personalized autographed copies are available.
Purchase on Amazon Kindle here.

Newsbusters Treats “The Good Wife” Badly

Christine Baranski co-stars as an ultra-liberal lawyer in “The Good Wife”  starring Julianna Margulies (background)
It’s hard to overestimate the great job generally done by The Media Research Center and their blog Newsbusters in general, and Brent Baker in particular, in rooting out liberal bias in the news and entertainment media.  But every once in a [...]

Introducing NewsReal Blog Book Club: First, David Horowitz’s Picks

What’s the easiest way to support NewsReal Blog and the David Horowitz Freedom Center? By making your Amazon purchases through us. Every day NRB will be highlighting books its bloggers have read or are reading now.
Here are several of David’s favorite books that he’s been reading recently:


Smear Book


Why was a yarmulke photoshopped onto David Horowitz’s head for the cover of a new book
attacking anti-Jihad activists?

Roger Kimball: Howard Zinn Professor of Contempt – National Review Online

With Howard Zinn, contemporary American academia found its court historian. Zinn, who died January 27 at 87, was like a gigantic echo chamber, accurately reproducing — and actively reinforcing — every left-wing cliché with which the academy has abetted its sense of election these past several decades. “You see how smart he is,” saith the […]

The First David Horowitz Book To Read


Left Illusions is now available for $4.99 on Kindle.

From the Pen of David Horowitz: December 23, 2009

Another of my books, “The Politics of Bad Faith,” was recently published in paperback. It consists of my intellectual framework for rejecting the left, and therefore examines the main political issues confronting my generation — the Cold War, the question of socialism and whether the ideals of the left are implicated in the crimes that [...]

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