Amazon Owned Washington Post Doesn’t Want to Cover Amazon Abuse Story


Jeff Bezos is certainly not known as a nice guy.

Al Jazeera Can Save American Journalism… Says Al Jazeera


When people think of American journalism, they think of Jihad.

HHS Chief Technology Officer On ObamaCare Site: “I Wish There Was Something I Could Do To Help.”

Health Overhaul Florida

Amazon emailed two HHS officials. “Is there anything we can do to help?”

Amazon CEO Overpaid 5 Times the Price for Washington Post

Jeff Bezos

In the the first six months of the year, its newspaper division saw an operating loss of $49 million.

After Obama Appears at Amazon, Amazon CEO Buys Washington Post


The deal was conducted in such secrecy that even the Post’s own stable of investigative reporters were taken by surprise

Smear Book


Why was a yarmulke photoshopped onto David Horowitz’s head for the cover of a new book
attacking anti-Jihad activists?

Roger Kimball: Howard Zinn Professor of Contempt – National Review Online

With Howard Zinn, contemporary American academia found its court historian. Zinn, who died January 27 at 87, was like a gigantic echo chamber, accurately reproducing — and actively reinforcing — every left-wing cliché with which the academy has abetted its sense of election these past several decades. “You see how smart he is,” saith the […]

The First David Horowitz Book To Read


Left Illusions is now available for $4.99 on Kindle.