Lying about Norway’s Progress Party


Obama’s insulting ambassadorial appointment to Norway.

Obama Million Dollar Bundler Nominated as Ambassador to Norway Has No Clue What its Form of Government Is

obama idiot

The next ambassador to Norway committed a jaw-dropping diplomatic blunder

Palestinian Arab Ambassador Killed in Completely Accidental Explosion


The word is still out on whether he gets any virgins

Positions of Power


How Obama’s UN ambassador nominee is trying to cover up her radical past.

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Accused of Breaking Sharia Law


A disinformation campaign against America?

Who Should Be Held Accountable for the Benghazi Cover-Up?


How administration higher-ups set their subordinates up for the fall.

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The Obama Administration’s Deadly Scandals


Damning new details emerging in Fast and Furious and Benghazi debacles.

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Did Obama Know the Embassy Attacks Were Coming?


Why the administration may have known an assault was on its way and did nothing about it.

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The Sexual Pathology of the Libyan Attackers


Where is the Left’s outrage?

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Gitmo Alumnus Involved in Deadly Libyan Attack


A case in point repudiating the campaign to close the detention center.