Britain Votes

Today, the British people will determine who will be their next prime minister. Will it be the current PM, Gordon Brown of Labor, the surprising Nick Clegg of the left-of-center Liberal Democrats party, or Tory leader David Cameron? Which one of these ambitious men will move to 10 Downing Street?
Shortly before election day, the conservative [...]

Never Again? Rockford Institute Writes, “Wall Street Legend Was a Homely Simian-Looking Jew”

In a dank, Munich beer-hall basement, a handful of utopians watched the genesis of the monstrous Gesticulator drawing the hungry voids and promising satiety.  Hitler was a monster.  He was not mad, he was evil.  He freely chose what is universally known to be immoral.  Worse, however, were the men who sat watching and thinking, “This [...]