Remembering the Founders’ Sacrifice


Some lost everything for the pursuit of human liberty.

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Religious Left Laments America’s Discovery


Episcopal Church promotes “dismantling the structures and policies based on” the “ancient evil” of our foundation.

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A President’s Appeasement Politics


Lessons from U.S./Soviet history expose the suicidal folly of Obama’s Islam policy.

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The Post-American Skyscraper


What the failure to rebuild the World Trade Center says about America.

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The Muslim Brotherhood in America: A Video Course


Frank Gaffney educates the public on the alarming degree to which we are losing the war against the enemy.

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Why America Is Still the Best Hope


Leftism, Islamism, and Americanism: the three big value systems competing for humanity’s allegiance — but which will triumph?

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Jihadist Infiltration


How terrorists continue to enter our country via Mexico as illegal immigrants.

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Iranian Threat Heats Up


The deadly consequences and risks of American inaction.

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Who Are America’s Reliable Allies?


An already short list gets shorter.

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Conservatives Need to Make the Case for Freedom


Why the Left’s agenda for the country fails not just on its merits but on its morals as well.

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