Ice Cream Social Justice: “Critical Food Studies” Comes to College


In the English department a course will investigate food imagery in Toni Morrison’s novels.

Moral Narcissism and the MLA’s Obsession with Israel


The lure of Palestinianism.

American Studies Association Unveils Post-Colonial Feminist Milk Studies

got milk

I was really hoping for some Post-Colonial Feminist Cereal Studies

Cornell Diversity Group ‘Lost’ $8,000 But Cuts Deemed Discriminatory


Punishment for missing funds may be racially insensitive.

American Studies and Israel-Hatred

Why the toxic environment of “American Studies” makes the ASA’s boycott no surprise.

Israel and the Moral Midgets of American Academe


The American Studies Association exposes the deep-seated rot of today’s universities.

Institutional Members of ASA Abandoning it over Israel Boycott


The American Studies Association was inflating its institutional member numbers

American Studies Association Celebrated Terrorism, Mocked 9/11


“When the government proclaims war against terrorism it is proclaiming war against the awakening of the masses.”

The Left Against Zion


Can the advance of the anti-Israel movement be reversed?

The American Studies Association’s Badge of Shame


A sad reflection on mainstreaming of anti-Semitism in academia.