Don’t Write Off the White Vote


Why trading the white vote for amnesty is a bad idea.

Immigration Bill Much Worse Than ‘Amnesty’

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Announce Major Agreement On Immigration Reform

Undermining respect for the rule of law.

Heritage Is Right About Amnesty Costs


Taxpayers and low-skilled workers will suffer the most for the Gang of 8′s political folly.

Pro-Amnesty Liberals in Evangelicals’ Clothing


The folly of phony “Christian” compassion.

Massive Job Growth Needed to Support Amnesty

US senators attend news conference at Capitol on immigration reform.

Why the unemployed in America will be the first to suffer from immigration “reform.”

Criminal Illegal Aliens to Receive Amnesty

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Announce Major Agreement On Immigration Reform

Even those with multiple misdemeanor convictions will be eligible for immediate legal status under Gang of 8 plan.

ICE Union Furious With Gang of 8 over Amnesty


Immigration enforcement officers on the front lines deliver a dire warning to America.

Obama’s Amnesty: An Attack on the Poor

Workers in Clewiston, Florida

Why the victims of immigration “reform” will be minorities and the economically vulnerable.

Rand Paul Unveils Amnesty/Non-Amnesty Plan

Rand Paul, Ron Paul

“I’ve never met a new immigrant looking for a free lunch,” Rand Paul says.

Immigration ‘Reform’ Lies


Why the rosy picture the Left paints on illegal immigration is a fraud.