Elliot Rodger and Osama bin Laden


Understanding that a killer is evil tells us far more about him than studying his manifestos.

Breivik Opposed Spencer, Fjordman, Exploited Counterjihad for Nazi Goals


“The idea was to manipulate the MSM so that they would launch a witch-hunt against our opponents.”

Breivik Tried to Undermine CounterJihad, Admits Nazi Goals

Anders Breivik-1459719

He says that he was using “the counterjihad” rhetoric to protect “ethno-nationalists”

My Life as a Public Enemy


Norway’s national witch hunt against a dissenting voice.

Did Media Coverage of Breivik Lead to Newtown Massacre?


If the media had not provided compulsive coverage of the Breivik shootings, would Adam Lanza have developed an ambition to top his ‘score’?

Internet Hate and Double Standards


The Norwegian Left’s perverted world of respectable standards.

Breivik’s Mother Expected Him to Commit a Violent Assault Since Age 4

Anders Behring Breivik in court in Oslo

When Breivik was just four-years-old, his mother became preoccupied with fears that her son would violently assault someone.

Is Anders Behring Breivik the Nordic Che Guevara?


Two notorious figures united in bloodthirstiness.

Monitoring Islam-Critics in Norway


A well-funded effort is underway to crackdown on the counter-jihad movement.

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Calling Out Totalitarianism in Norway


A writer refuses to testify in the Breivik trial.

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