Immigration and the Future of American Conservatism


The GOP can either change on immigration or immigration will change the GOP.

The Death of Civility — and Free Speech – at Fordham


College Republicans and campus Left collude to keep Ann Coulter from speaking.

Ann Coulter Speaks at Wednesday Morning Club


The New York Times best-selling author exposes the Left’s sordid race-hustling.

Demonic — Coulter’s Valentine to the Left


I have just finished Ann Coulter’s Demonic. I encourage you to beg, buy, borrow or steal this book. At last we have a conservative narrative that not only nails but also encompasses the left, totalitarian bombers and liberal fellow-travelers, exposes its love of violence, its witch-hunting mentality, its rampant hypocrisy, and destructive nihilism, and puts […]

Ann Coulter Hits Back


Threatens Human Rights complaint.

An Open Letter to Charles Johnson


Your reasons for breaking with the Right don’t add up.

The Art of Political War for Tea Parties – by David Horowitz


How to stop the Obama machine’s socialist assault on America.